Our Story


Together we can make a change.

Pride of Southern Utah is a grass roots grown non-profit group of who wants to see a change. A change of attitude, acceptance, perspective and love within and surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. Pride of Southern Utah has partnered with A.R.T.S. Inc. as our fiscal partner which gives us non-profit status. Every Dollar, every cent for that matter goes back into the festival and the LGBTQ+ community. While we might be small, we are big in heart, determination and might. Together we can make a change. But we need your help. Whether you are a vendor, volunteer, entertainer or a sponsor we hope that you will join us. Thank you for time and care. 


Who we are

Pride of Southern Utah is a non-profit organization founded on the belief that everyone belongs. Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or one of our Allies, we want to serve you. 


Build a better, stronger and more cohesive community in Souther Utah. One that feels safe, one that is active and one that offers information and resources.


Board of Directors


Stephen Lambert



Linda Stay

Community Outreach Advisor


Melynda Thorpe

Social Media and Marketing


Ernie Doose



Steering Committee


Jennifer Kennedy

Community Outreach


Cedar City Committee

Sarah Braun

Committee Member

Jayci Bash

Committee Member

Eric Liebhardt

Committee Member


Billy Clouse

Committee Member